Chevrolet Tire Sales and Service in Burleson, TX

Chevrolet Tire Sales and Service in Burleson, TX

Maintaining your car, truck, or SUV might sound like a challenge, but we at Lynn Smith Chevrolet are here to tell you otherwise. We are home to a Parts Center, Tire Center, and Service Center that can take excellent care of your model. If you have any questions, just contact us in the meantime.

Tire Sales

If the tread on your tires has worn down to dangerous levels or you have a flat, you might be in need of new components. Those on the hunt for quality tires don’t have to break the bank, because we offer affordable parts that will last you for the long term. You can browse our Tire Center online to find the exact items you’re looking for. If you are a daily commuter, then consider opting for a performance variety that can assist your ride in providing excellent fuel efficiency. Those that like to hit the trails on their days off might be interested in a set of off-road tires. For the best of both worlds, consider all-season components! We’d be happy to help you choose the best set for your needs, so give us a call or visit us in person.


Throughout your travels, your tires will gradually wear out, but with regular maintenance, you can make them last longer. One of the best ways to maximize their lifespan is by getting them rotated routinely. This project places the front pair in the back and vice versa so that they all degrade evenly. Another project that should be performed is a wheel alignment. Hitting bumps and potholes can make these components go off kilter, and an alignment can get them pointing back in the right direction. You can determine for yourself if your tires are in need of service or replacement. Perform a quick visual inspection of each component, and if you notice cracks, low pressure, or low tread depth, visit our dealership as soon as you can. 

Our Service Center

Here at Lynn Smith Chevrolet, we are proud to be able to keep your Chevrolet vehicle in peak condition. While you’re here for work on your tires, you can ask us about the other maintenance projects we can tackle. For instance, combining your service with an oil change and a battery check can prove extremely beneficial. Not only that, but we are able to take care of more intensive work, as well. Whether you need a transmission overhaul or extensive body work, we are your go-to. To make your visit more affordable, we have a plethora of service offers that you can look through here on our website. Just show one to our team to save some cash. Finally, while you can schedule your appointment online, you don’t have to, as walk-ins are welcome.

For Chevrolet tire sales and service in Burleson, TX, make the short trek to Lynn Smith Chevrolet. Our Tire Center is an excellent resource for your automotive needs.

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